Development of children’s abilities with the multi grip baby spoon

The “I Can” multi grip baby spoon is a patented Swedish innovation. The worlds most unique learn to eat yourself spoon!

I can myself

Does this sound familiar? To be able to explore and try for themselves is an important part of the development of a child’s abilities. The founder of the “I Can” baby spoon is really taking this seriously and it shows! The “I Can” multi grip baby spoon is a must have for all children learning to eat on their own!


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We recommend using the “I Can” baby spoon as a first step in learning to feed your child.

The reason for this is that children of age 1-2 often use the tweezer grip and the “I Can” baby spoon is developed specifically for that grip.

When children are able to perform tasks themselves, their self-confidence is increased. However, sometimes tools are required to perform these tasks. The “I Can” baby spoon is one of these tools, specifically developed for a child’s grip at an early age. Because of this, the “I Can” baby spoon enables children to train their fine motor skills and therefore aids the development of their abilities. Ulrika Ansborg

Pre-school teacher

There are several advantages with this cutlery compared to convetional cutlery found in shops. Some of these are:

  • I Can cutlery has a multi-­grip function which makes it possible to hold the handle in different ways, for example precision grip, key grip, transversal volar grip and thumb grip.
  • The spoon is easy to use and has a low weight.
  • The spoon is angled in different ways, enabling the child to use the most comfortable grip and wrist angle while eating.
  • Spoons are made in different colors which makes meals a more inviting activity for young children.
Kristina Andersson

Registered occupational therapist

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