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Six spoons from I can spoon – The classic line.

I can myself! Does it sound familiar to your ears? Being able to explore and try for themself is an important part of the development of children’s abilities. The founder of the I Can baby spoon has really taken this seriously! This spoon is a must for all children, to learn to eat on their own.

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Six spoons from I can spoon- The classic line.  I Can spoons is a well-proven Swedish invention from 2013 that makes it easier for the child to start to eat themselves—customized for small hands. With its low weight and multi-grip function, the baby can grip the spoon the way they want. Tweezers, thumb, precision, volar, finger, and transverse grips are a much more useful grip than the “whole hand grip” as all other children’s spoons invite to. The child trains its fingers instead of the arm and gives an intuitive transition from eating with its hands.

The hole in the I can spoons provides contact between the thumb and index finger for increased stability, and if the child wants it, it may pierce the thumb or index finger for a secure grip.

Experts say that it is important that meals are a positive experience from the beginning. Many children also want to help themselves to eat. Likewise, eating is by itself an excellent way to develop motor skills, food is a good motivation.

Every child deserves tthe best

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