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I can®

I can®, is company focusing on developing products that benefits childrens learning and development.

We create tools and resources that can help young children acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to grow and thrive. This include cutlery, educational toys, games, books, apps, and other products that are designed to engage children and make learning fun.

 I can products are created with the input of educators, child development experts, universities and other specialists in order to ensure that they are effective and appropriate for children of different ages and abilities.

We focus on the child’s holistic development, thus not just focusing on cognitive development, but also on physical and emotional development. The goal of these products is to support children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn, while also providing them with the foundational skills they need to succeed in school and in life.



I can do it myself

Does this sound familiar?

When babies begin to say “I can do it myself,” they are expressing their growing sense of independence and autonomy. This phrase is often heard when babies are starting to learn new skills, such as feeding themselves or dressing themselves. It is a sign of their development and growing independence, as they are beginning to understand that they have the ability to do things on their own. 

This is an important step in their cognitive and social development, as it allows them to begin to take control of their own lives and make their own choices. Parents should encourage this behavior by giving babies the space and opportunity to explore and learn on their own.

The innovation - I can spoon

The founder and inventor of the I can got the idea because his own two boys had problems dealing with the baby spoons that existed on the market. They spilled a lot and more food ended up on the floor than in the mouth.

"No spoons in the market gave support for the precision grip. It was very frustrating. I had to find a solution, so I came up with my own spoon. This later became the I can spoon . "

Then rest is history and the  I can® multi grip spoon were invented.


I can Spoon®

Our first product out is the I can spoon®. The I can spoon®. Is a unique Swedish invention that benefits children learning to eat. It enables children to hold the spoon better, and at the same time, stimulates dexterity development beyond what previously been possible.

Why is – I can Multi Grip Spoon – world unique

Unique flat vertical grip

The can spoon has a world unique flat vertical grip, which rises from the table surface and allows the child to take the spoon with the “tweezers grip” with two or more fingers. Many other childrens spoons encourage the use of the rather primitive whole-hand grip, a stable grip indeed, but it hardly encourages the development of motor skills as well as learning to eat.

Grip with a hole

The hole can also be used (the child naturally chooses) that provides contact between the thumb and index finger for increased stability and if the child wants it, it may pierce the thumb or index finger for a secure grip. It gives the child good opportunities for development, less mess and, above all, a happier child.

Don't settle for just any baby spoon, choose the best for your little one with I can® . 

Our spoons are made with safe, non-toxic materials and are designed to be easy for little hands to hold. Plus, with our unique design, you can be sure that your baby is getting every last bit of their meal and at the same time, stimulates dexterity development . 

Order now and give your baby the gift of development and a happy mealtime.”

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