I can, I can, I can myself, he shouted

The food more often ended up on the floor or on the ground than in his mouth.
All parents recognize this and get frustrated about food in the wrong place – AND that the child doesn’t eat enough. Experts say it is important to get a positive attitude to eating, and the best way to do this is to let the child eat them selves.

I got the idea because my two children, when they were small, had problems dealing with the children spoons that were on the market. They spilled very much and more food ended up on the floor than in the mouth. It was very frustrating. I had to find a solution and I found one. The I can multigrip spoon was inventeted. 

I Can multi grip spoon has a worlds-unique patented flat vertical grip, which enables children to hold the spoon better, and at the same time, stimulates dexterity development beyond what has previously been possible!


Childs development phases

6 month: Children uses hands to eat.
9 month: Children starts to pick up small pices using the precision grip, between thumb and index finger.  
12 month: I can develops fine motoric skills and  children can start to eat themselvs using the grip that fits there development level.  
18 month: Children are skilled to eat using there dexterity and fine motor skills.